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We are professionals commited to provide services and responses of high added value. We strive to integrate innovative technological solutions, with a tangible synergy with our customers and thus achieve operational excellence and user satisfaction.

In Applica we assume the commitment to be a strategic business partner and provide services and solutions with high added value. Oriented in quality information technologies, agile and secure.

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If you are looking for a one-word answer to your business challenges, then outsourcing is the word. Outsourcing software development has proven to be a great success for many companies worldwide. It reduces your internal costs while allowing your company to focus on its core competencies.

We understand that technological innovation implemented correctly in business, must inevitably translate into quantifiable benefits for companies. Applica has the tools and knowledge to accompany the formulation of strategies, design and implementation of solutions. Focused on the challenges posed during the organic and sustained growth of our clients.

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Cost Savings

Outsourcing may improve costs saving while reducing your workload. Outsourced labor may cost up to 70% less than the same labor performed in-house in Europe or North America.

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Talented IT Professionals

You’ll have immediate access to some of the best and brightest IT and technology professionals. We are expert in the field, they can make sure that your projects are done optimally and professionally.

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Improved Compliance

You gain access to international talents without the legal compliance that most companies have to go through from hiring employees. We can take care of all the legal paperwork and customs.

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You don’t have to spend time recruiting, hiring, training, and housing employees for projects. You also don’t have to worry about scaling your employees in case your labor size changes project-to-project.

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Time Savings

With people working around the clock, your application is guaranteed to have a shorter time-to-market delivery. This improves your competitiveness greatly and gives you a head-up against your competitors.

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Focused Strategy

Having your software developed by an outsourcing company streamlines your business processes. Having a focused strategy can be one of the most competitive advantages in the technological race.

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